Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He Delivers Me

I woke up this morning with a heart of gratitude that I just felt like sharing. It’s been almost a year since the diagnosis of the big “OC” and I have learned much on this journey. This excerpt from a song says a lot about my journey:

Deep as the ocean, bright as rain
This powerful emotion lifts me up above the planes
It’s taken me to places I never thought I’d go
Showing me a grace I never thought I’d know
When I feel like I can’t go on
You deliver me
When the road is winding and way too long
You deliver me
You deliver me

When I first heard these words by Selah, I was in the midst of what so far has been the worst fight of my life. I had just learned I had advanced ovarian cancer and immediately plunged into the world of surgeries and chemo and all the terrible things that go along with them. It has been a very winding and way too long a road.

Every time I went down into the pit from chemo treatments, there was a brief time that I thought I surely would not make it out of that pit. Then I would hear a song that would remind me that I was not alone–that I had not been abandoned by the Father, no matter what my feelings or the whispers from the father of lies told me. Or I would receive a call or a card from a friend or family member — oh, what would I have done without all of you?!! Or, out of the blue a meal would be delivered or someone would just stop by to visit or I received a surprise gift. I was delivered from the pit.
I have learned so much about the love of my Heavenly Father and how He works in and through the lives of his people.  I am so grateful for the prayers, happy thoughts, tears, gifts, cards, visits, calls — every expression of love and concern that has been showered on me these past months.  I would not sign up for this disease again, but as the song says, “It’s taken me to places I never thought I’d go; Showing me a grace I never thought I’d know.” I am blessed.

Thank you to all who have cheered me on and are still cheering. I love you all.

Remember, whatever you’ve gone through, whatever you are going through now, or whatever may come your way in the future, our Father is still in the delivery business. He will deliver you, too. Just ask Him.